Life in the Abstract

Grew up in Southern California with the sun and light illuminating the landscape!

Attended Santa Barbara College, UCLA and majored in art and costume design. After graduating opened a custom beachwear shop, “The Hut” in Santa Monica Canyon, Calif. After several years closed the shop and traveled around the world for a year.

Returning to the USA  entered the fashion industry in Los Angeles, then on to San Francisco and finally to New York City. Designed for several major fashion houses before opening”Groot and Mislove” a textile print design studio, designing and selling the collections to all of the major fashion houses.

At that time went back to pursue  studies in fine art and studied with the painters Victor Candell and Leo Manso. Attended the “Provincetown Workshop” two summers working with both VC and LM and then continued studies with them in NYC .

And now, I am living and working in East Hampton with the equally special sun and light of the California landscape! 

This energy has charged and influenced the work plus my ongoing desire to reinvent the immediacy of the ever changing moments in nature. The paintings contain active and bold brushwork to pursue the energy felt in our natural world. A  strong, personal and inventive layered use of color gives these paintings a fresh, lush and sometimes surprising view into the world around us. The use of linear elements further vitalize the brushwork.

Energy and surprise holds a special lure for me .... at all costs I cannot give up attempting to convey this feeling and response to my work .... and I must be the most surprised one of all.